Like A Rolling Stone

A few years ago, my colleague Seth and I were having fun coming up with ideas for a new business we might start together. That’s what geeky entrepreneurs spend their breaks doing, after all.

At a table of Sushi Kudasai that day, we started talking about our recent experiences and the problems we would see our clients constantly run into.

“You know what drives me nuts?”, I asked. “It’s to see business leaders in general prepare so little for high-stakes presentations.” Seth shared the same sentiment.

We’d witness such poor communication from some people in a position of leadership. It was, and it still is revolting to see the waste that this kind of bad habit causes.

Worse, everyone sees it, but we all think it’s not us.

There is almost not a week when I don’t get an email or a call from someone asking me to help them rush through the preparation of their multi-million dollar pitch. I used to accept, but not anymore.

If you’re claiming to have big goals, then invest big time in reaching them.

“What if we created a sort of Muscle Shoals Sound Studio for business presenters?”, said Seth. He referred to the legendary studio where artists like Cher, The Rolling Stones, Bod Dylan, Aretha Franklin, or George Michael would create, rehearse, and record their greatest hits in the 70s and 80s.

We could indeed create that kind of place for people to come to rehearse their important business conversation and presentation, so they nail it.

Although I got excited about this opportunity, we were only playing that day at Sushi Kudasai. So Seth and I never pursued the concept beyond that conversation.


This week, Philip Morgan, who is on this list but actually never heard about this story, will bring the concept to life. And it will be virtual.

Philip is the founder of The Expertise Incubator, a program for professionals of all sorts to cultivate valuable expertise. I am a member of Philip's program. One of its specialties is to provide opportunities to take risks in a safe environment.

He invited me to his “Muscle Shoals-like” studio this Friday, July 2nd, at 10 am PST, to practice and record my own new and yet unreleased pitch.

You’re invited too, so join us! It will be free and fun.

Find out about this event here.

But things will get even more fun if you join us in the studio. So just reply to this email if you’re interested.

See you Friday.

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