Does It Inspire People?

It’s good if you have a mission and a vision.

But here is the thing: you can’t succeed if you only make things about yourself.

Your mission and vision are about your company. They usually tend to be defined by people who will brand your business, just like when we put a nice wrapper around an object.

Mission and vision don’t talk about the individuals that you need to enroll: your team, your colleagues, your customers, your partners, your advocates, and supporters.

Don’t get confused. The most powerful story is not about yourself.

Building a strategic narrative is about inviting people to generate progress together.

If you are open and brave enough to ask for help, people in your community will see it as an opportunity.

They will know that they can participate in building a future that benefits everyone.

Make people participants, not just the witnesses of your mission and vision.

To know if your strategic narrative is effective, ask people if they feel invited and inspired to take action.

How Well Did You Articulate It?
Did You Integrate It?