Perspective Story: Strategic Narrative Underground Session 7

Does your organization operate based on a perspective? I would say yes, no matter what.

Is that perspective clearly articulated? Inspirational? Integrated? Recognized? Differentiating? Maybe not. In that case, these are questions worth exploring if you’re claiming to build an enduring business.

During yesterday’s Strategic Narrative Underground Session, we explored the functions of a perspective. You can watch the replay here.

This time, we had a longer conversation than usual, leading to great comments from participants. If you attended this session, thanks for your participation.

Here is what we covered.

Talking points

  1. The perspective story is based on the belief systems that you share with your community.
  2. It is about relationships, shared values, and creating a culture.
  3. An example: Google’s “10 things we know to be true”.
  4. To craft one, it’s all about the pronoun “WE”.
  5. The Agile Manifesto is another powerful example of how a perspective can turn people into participants of a new narrative.
  6. Seven functions of a perspective story (I found over 10 of them) - This was a big piece of content for this talk.
  7. The perspective of Impossible Foods.
  8. Volvo’s perspective in the 60s.
  9. I always leave you with a practical tool - A basic archetype.
  10. Real estate is about delivering a service vs. just a transaction - Anna Herrington, Real Estate Agent at Weichert Realtors.
  11. Collaboration can reshape how we do graphic design. - Josh Huisenga, Owner and Creative Director at Chalkbox Creative
  12. The Agile approach is applicable as a perspective to evolve all fields. - Patricia Shetley, Communications Specialist at University of Washington Information Technology

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If you’d like to check out what we’ve covered so far, you can now watch the recordings of our previous sessions here on Youtube.


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