What To Do Before They’ll Quit

Would you mind raising your hand (or reply to this email) if, during this post-pandemic period, you have been reevaluating your priorities regarding work and life?

A study by Microsoft found that 41% of the global workforce would consider leaving their current employer within the next year. also reports that 95% of workers are at least contemplating a job change.

It looks like the term “COVID vaccine” means not only a return to work but also a wave of resignations, actually named “The Great Resignation” by Anthony Klotz.

How will you retain colleagues that are thinking about quitting?

It’s not just about the pay. Decades of research about employee engagement prove it.

For sure, it will be about implementing hybrid work the right way, when applicable. Flexible work is here to stay.

But most importantly, it will be about reviving a sense of purpose.

Why? Because we all want to feel like we belong to a group larger than ourselves that defends a cause.

Research on well-being shows that we pursue two main goals in life: happiness and meaning. We want to participate in meaningful work because it gives us a sense of accomplishment and a chance to grow.

This isn’t new. But if this feels novel to you, well, know that your company should have been doing this all along.

The pandemic has amplified the need for it. Technology has accelerated the possibilities to work with anyone, anytime and from anywhere. As a result of diminishing time and geographical constraints, we are freer than ever to choose who we want to work with. And one of the most important criteria will be to work with and for businesses that mean something important to us.

Just as we can vote with our dollars when choosing to buy products or services from companies that align with our values, we can also support those same companies by deciding to join them. Or even better, by building them.

Want to do something before your team, employees, colleagues tell you they want to quit?

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