Why Your Product Story Goes Last

When you join The Strategic Narrative Workshop, you learn a very practical process that you can reuse forever to boost your company with a magnetizing strategy and communication asset: your strategic narrative.

One of the current participants of the workshop also described it as a “lifelong skill.” Pretty cool.

We are now exploring one of the counter-intuitive principles about the product story (one of the four stories of the MetaHelm system).

If I asked you about what you do, I am sure that you would have no problem talking about that for several hours. This is because you are an expert in your domain. But for people to understand the value of what you do, they must first understand why it exists and feel an emotional connection with that purpose.

Because you work every single inside your business, you know everything about it. But people around might not be aware of this context. It is very easy to forget that. And it is a very costly mistake too.

Building the product story last will help you carefully choose the design traits of your product, as well as the messages you should use to talk about it everywhere (on your website, with clients, internally, and so on).

This way, you can filter out all the unnecessary attributes and messages about your product and make sure you include the most relevant and powerful ones.

Your origin story informs the core purpose of your product.

Your opportunity story informs who this product is for and why it matters now.

Your perspective story informs how your product should be designed and developed.

In other words, the product story is also the product of your strategic narrative.

Join us. You have a chance to start with the next group on September 14th. Don’t miss it.

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