The MOD Perspective Story

A company's success depends on how its team looks at a problem, starting with the founders.

I call this the “Perspective Story,” and it’s one of the four stories that the participants to The Strategic Narrative Workshop learn to master as they build their strategic narrative with me.

Here is an example:

Imagine that you’re looking for new quick, affordable, wholesome restaurant options for your growing family as you are on the go. But quickly, you realize that your options are not that great. You get tired of the same taco and burger places that don’t really give you the selection or food quality you need.

That’s the situation that Scott & Aly Svenson faced in 2008.

Every entrepreneur starts because of their unique and personal way to react to a situation that creates tension or even struggle in their Origin Story.

We all start our company because we saw an opportunity that nobody else saw.

In 2008 (and still today), the last thing the world needed is another pizza place. But Scott & Aly Svenson thought that maybe they could create one that could be different.

They looked at the problem this way: “What if everyone could get exactly what they wanted, made fresh on-demand, for as little as possible? And what if employees were paid as much as possible and given real opportunities for growth, even second chances?” It all started sounding pretty great, and soon Scott and Ally were opening the first MOD Pizza in downtown Seattle.

Their perspective was and still can be summarized like this:

“If we take care of our employees, they’ll take care of you, and our business will take care of itself.”

They even named this new point of view “Spreading MODness”.

Out of the situation they faced in their origin story, the founders of Mod Pizza saw an opportunity to offer a better restaurant option to busy families while also giving better job opportunities to people who serve you pizza.

Since 2008, Mod has opened hundreds of restaurants across the U.S and in Europe.

MOD Pizza treats its employees as part of its community. It works with its employees to help them reach their personal goals, whether getting off the street, purchasing a home, or learning something new. This investment in employees pays off because the people feel like the company cares about them.

Why “Perspective”

The perspective story is about creating a collective understanding of how you will achieve an opportunity bigger than your company.

There are many possible ways to look at a situation. Where you stand shapes how you look at it, and therefore what you see is determined by how you believe this situation needs to be addressed.

Your perspective depends on who you are and where you stand.

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