Definition & Examples

Here is the #1 question I am getting from you when you join this list. “Hey, Guillaume, thanks for inviting me; sounds interesting, but what is exactly a strategic narrative?”

While I go into great detail about this in my workshop, I am also writing a free email course in which I will also highlight why, as a business leader, you should build a great one. I’ll publish it soon.

A definition is good, but a definition with examples is better. So, every Thursday, I show up on Zoom to deconstruct for you the strategic narrative of successful companies and movements, so you can see the patterns they use to grow their impact (not necessarily their business). And so you can steal some ideas. You can register here for the next weekly meetings if you’re interested. Please, join us. It’s free, and I give you a no-sales-pitch guarantee.

This Thursday, I talked about Teal Organizations, an evolutionary way to think about how to build more human, resilient, and efficient companies. And I spent a few minutes defining the words “strategic narrative” in the intro, with some pretty graphics. Some of you know it’s important not to suck too much at graphics, so I try my best.

Below is the recording of the session. Take a look and hit reply with comments or questions—a good way to start your weekend.

Teal Organizations: Strategic Narrative Underground Session #18


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