The Fire That Fuels Everything

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In the last module of The Strategic Narrative Workshop, we go over passion's role in building an effective strategic narrative. It might not seem common to cover this topic in a business strategy workshop, but one of the key reasons people follow your lead is because you care.

Here is how I remind participants of the workshop about the importance of their own mindset:

You are not developing a pushy sales pitch. You are not trying to forcefully convince anyone with fear and show up as the hero with the magic remedy to the world’s misery.

You create an open invitation for people to join you on an adventure, project, or mission. Maybe you're launching a company; maybe you're starting a new project. Or you're launching a new product. Perhaps you have an invention that you want people to adopt. The range of situations could be broad, but it applies to all of them: a strategic narrative is an emotional call to action.

You can’t inspire people around you and make things happen with a lukewarm heart. Passion is essential.

Passion is the fire that fuels everything. And when problems, uncertainty, and limiting beliefs get in your way, passion keeps you going.

Also, if you’re going to lead a whole community of stakeholders to a new big opportunity, you better care about it. Do I even need to say this?

At the first sign of challenge in your business, or if a new investor comes in with even a slightly different perspective, you will fail if you don’t sincerely believe and care about it.

Your passion will drive people to buy from you, come work with you, and join your movement.

Light the fire in your heart, and your strategic narrative will make us leap.

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