Recruit Yourself Everyday

If you could talk to your younger self about joining your company, what would you say?

The first person who should be proud of what you’ve accomplished is you.

How do you expect to sell anything, enroll people, grow your team, or get investors to back your company if you’re not excited?

When you express satisfaction about your accomplishments, you bring people along. You create convergence.

Some days, pride is hard. Are you scared of success? Are you afraid of sounding arrogant? Or is it because you simply can’t see what to be proud of?

I am just like you.

In those moments, we’d rather have someone else tell us if they see anything positive. But not too loud, of course. Compliments can be challenging to accept.

Nevertheless, having that positive someone helps for sure, granted she is not out for the day.

Let’s be clear. The idea is not to brag about what we’ve accomplished in a self-centered way. Instead, the goal is to enjoy giving. I mean giving some of the positive energy that came out of our impact on the people we serve: our clients, our colleagues, and our community.

Recruit yourself every day. You will build a good narrative, good for you, and good for everyone.

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