AI vs. AS: It’s Up To You

I know nothing about AI.

But I am trying to understand it and the impact it’s already having on all of us. We are building more and more companies using artificial intelligence, so just for that, the subject matters.

The narrative about AI (artificial intelligence) is at the same time hopeful and scary.

More intelligent machines are increasingly improving our lives by taking on tasks that multiple our abilities and potential. Unfortunately, it sounds like AI is also capable of pretty scary things, such as socioeconomic discrimination, market volatility, or weapon automatization.

When not developed right, AI becomes AS (Artificial Stupidity).

So, what’s wrong with AI?

Well, maybe there is nothing wrong with AI. Machines are fine.

After all, machines learn from us. Machines copy us. So the problem might be that there is a lot wrong with us, humans.

What if we started by building AI on the foundation of ethical and positive narratives? Not screwed-up ones.

Former chief business officer for Google X Mo Gwadat gives a helfup explanation of how AI works:

“There is a new being on the planet called AI. We need to welcome that being as good parents, and influence it so that it grows with good ethics to take care of their parents.” - Mo Gwadat, in The Mindshift Lab Podcast, with Mike Lee.

Right now, AI is like a baby. But it’s going to become a teenager, and later, an adult. That’s the ordinary course of technology evolution. So, let’s raise that kid as good parents.

The narrative about AI is also growingly about regulation and oversight.

What we, entrepreneurs and business leaders, could do, though, is mind our "AI-parenting" behaviors.

AI is everywhere you show up online. It’s watching you, learning from you, getting more intelligent (or dumber) because of you. So every email, video, or comment you share, you’re contributing to forging the new being that Mo Gwadat mentions.

The “Intelligence” part of the expression Artificial Intelligence is up to you.

A narrative is a system of stories. Every story you share counts to build AI on the foundation of healthy narratives. This idea seems kind of essential for the future of our species.

Food for thoughts.

As mentioned, I know nothing about AI, so please be my parent and teach me about it if this post doesn’t make sense. I am here to learn and be more intelligent than artificial. Thanks to a better narrative, and thanks to you.

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