Musical Interlude #6 – Stromae

Music is back. And so is Stromae.

Today, the Belgian musician, rapper, singer, and songwriter returned with a brand new single called "Santé", which translates to "Cheers!" - a timely celebration of the working class.

Stromae, whose name is the inversion of "maestro," is known for his ability to speak about controversial topics in a witty way. "And if we celebrated those who don't celebrate. So, for once, I'd like to raise a glass to those who don't have one." goes his song.

I can't believe it's been eight years since the release of Europe's best-kept secret's last album. But the timing of this surprise come-back feels right. Simply put, Santé is an ode to the workers who have kept society afloat over the past 18 months.

"Airplane pilots and nurses, truck drivers and flight attendants, bakers and fishermen. Let's have a toast to the conquerors of the worst work hours, for the new parents lulled to sleep by cries. For the professional insomniacs," says Stromae on the new track that comes along with a touching music video.

Stromae's music means one thing: dancing. And that's what some of us did with his mind-blowing shows, as we would abandon ourselves to the electronically driven and utterly hypnotic sounds. From the young to the mature, everyone acknowledges his talent.

So, why feature Stromae today on this email list?

On the 15th of the month, I've shared the music videos of mission-driven music artists and entrepreneurs. I call these emails “Musical Interlude”. Stromae's songs are all a call for inclusivity, courage, humility, and truth. For example, The New York Times described his single "Alors on Danse" as "a mournful anthem that evokes unemployment, divorce, debt and the financial crisis of our times."

In addition, it turns out this mega superstar entrepreneur is also the creator of the sold-out unisex clothing label, mosaert, another inversion of "maestro".

A long-awaited return about which forward-thinkers will be excited.

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A Musical Interlude

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