Success Story: Joy Spencer

When you attend the Strategic Narrative Workshop, you will build a narrative that turns your company into a source of inspiration that few can resist.

But don't take my word for it.

Joy Spencer, the founder of Reframe To Create, just finished the workshop. She answered a few questions with words that will hopefully help you take action and join us in January 2022.

Here you go:

Overall, how likely are you to recommend Strategic Narrative Workshop to a friend or a colleague?

(0=Not Likely; 4=Very Likely)

Answer: 4

Could you tell me a bit more about why you chose 4?

This was a powerful workshop for its perfect blend of new perspectives and the opportunity to put them into practice. I greatly appreciated being part of a cohort and Guillaume's attentiveness to our work. I was able to bring together two key pillars of my brand message that seemed slippery for me to bring together. I was able to finally get it together in my mind and articulate it thanks to the time spent on it in this workshop.

Before you joined this workshop, what business issue did you want to address, and how did it make you feel?

How to turn my message into a movement and inspire others with clear action to join.

What was the biggest "aha" moment during the workshop?

That my podcast as the vehicle for my message was my product!

How would you explain The Strategic Narrative Workshop process to someone who is thinking of doing it?

It's a true workshop where real work gets done, and real progress gets made. There is extreme power in working on your strategic narrative to articulate your vision and invite others to something much better, no matter where you are in your business.

What specific results can you share?

Thanks to this workshop, I had the courage to drop my coaching offers which I just had because it's "industry practice", and they were a "good idea". I know that's not where I'm driving my strategic narrative from. I'm now free to focus on the "Reframe to Create" podcast as the vehicle for sparking the work/create movement I'm looking to spark! I've also blended the two ideas of "work is not the center" and "Your work is not your job or career. It's what you create". I now know how they go together, and it has made messaging and a cohesive message much easier.

Based on what you learned, what will you change in the way you do your work?

I will focus more and be more attentive to inviting others to join in and participate. The distinction between story and narrative that I learned from Guillaume has forever changed how I understand and use the concepts in my work. Thank you!

In your opinion, who is The Strategic Narrative Workshop perfect for?

This is perfect for small business owners. It's also perfect for corporations, either used at the senior leadership level to set a narrative for the organization or individual teams. It's also great for NGO's that are mission-minded and want to tighten their message to invite people to action and their movement. It's really perfect for movement builders of all kinds.

Anything else to add?

Keep going. The model is extremely insightful and actionable. As is your definition of story vs. narrative. These two products will stick with me and are reusable and what I associate with your brand.

Could I get your name, please?

Joy Spencer

The next cohort of The Strategic Narrative Workshop starts January 25th, 2022.

It will be limited to 12 people.

Don't wait. Register here.

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