Who You Will Not Be After My Workshop

Last week, I announced that The Strategic Narrative Workshop is back.

Here is the thing I promise to show you when you join this workshop in January 2022: how not to end up like the guy with the wheels on the left, exactly.

You see, even the most genius idea won't sell itself.

You know that.

But let's be honest, it's still so easy to assume that because your product or service seems superior, people will adopt it immediately.

After all, if it's so wonderful to you, why isn't it wonderful to everyone?

Are they blind or what?

I know, so frustrating, so tiring.

People will give you all sorts of excuses to avoid even considering your idea, things like "I don't have time, it's not for me, maybe next year, etc."

And this will break your heart, because deep inside, you know how much easier their life would be if they just had what you have to offer.

You've probably been where they are. Their struggle is perhaps even what led you to do what you do now.

No, when you join The Strategic Narrative Workshop in January, we will not start with your product story. So this is the last thing we will cover.


Because I want you to become the owner of a new narrative for your company, your market, and yourself.

Because you work every single day inside your business, you know everything about it. But people around you don't have this context.

Therefore, how do you expect them to stop and try your "wheel"?

Too many CEOs, Founders, and Business Owners get stuck in a product-first mentality.

To them, everything centers around building a fantastic product that customers should love, and everything else comes second.

As a result, when it comes time to rally forces, build teams, launch, transform or weather tough economic times, they struggle. They don't inspire and mobilize the forces they need.

In today's volatile world, the chances of survival of their business are impressively low.

I will not let you fall into this trap.

I designed to help you build the language and the practices that mobilize people to participate in your new opportunity. It will help you align everyone and accelerate the adoption of your innovation.

So, I guarantee you will know what to do so you are not like the guy with the wheels on the left.

So I just hope for you that you won't react like the two guys on the right in the cartoon.

This workshop is for a maximum of 12 people so that the interaction can be high. And as I write, people are already getting their seats.

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