The True Powers “Of What If?”

The next narrative shaping your market or industry will come from someone asking themself a critical question.

That question starts with “What if”.

“What if?” is most important for helping people align, change, innovate and commit.

In a society that overvalues telling, the person asking “What if?” has the power to take the conversation towards ideas that have no precedent.

  • “What if” invites.
  • “What if” makes space for people to participate.
  • “What if” helps build relationships.
  • “What if” sparks new ideas.
  • “What if” helps the brain explore possibilities.
  • “What if” allows you to look at a situation from a different perspective.
  • “What if” helps create the vision and action indispensable to sell.
  • “What if” generates excitement.
  • “What if” mobilizes people.
  • “What if” leads you to the next opportunity.

Building a strategic narrative is creating a common language. So, what if you added “What if” to it?

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