The Seven Powers of A Strong Strategic Narrative

CEOs and founders who move from telling stories to building a strong strategic narrative arm their company with seven powers:

1 - Differentiation: your strategic narrative is a chance to disagree with your competitors.

2 - Adoption: your strategic narrative frames why people should get your product now. It creates urgency.

3 - Decision: your strategic narrative is a powerful filter to decide what aligns with your strategy or not.

4 - Purpose: if your strategic narrative defends a cause, it will invite people to support your efforts and be part of a movement.

5 - Alignment: a strategic narrative is a chance to help people in your team take a stand and consciously decide to pursue the company's goal.

6 - Collaboration: with a strategic narrative, people know what to do; they figure things out and need less oversight.

7 - Trust: investors and partners want to work with companies with a strategic narrative because they're twice as likely to cause market disruption.

You can have a great story about your business, and that's nice. But who cares?

If you have a strong strategic narrative, you create true believers.

You create the type of alignment that makes impossible things possible because to get your product, to work with you, and to support you, people will quote-unquote "almost die".

Why Co-creating Your Strategic Narrative Is Critical
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