Why Co-creating Your Strategic Narrative Is Critical

If you feel like you need help building your strategic narrative, look for someone to help you build it with you, never for you.

Your strategic narrative is not something you should delegate or outsource.

Instead, engage in a process of co-creation that includes diverse stakeholders.

You will drive adoption - when people put their fingerprints on something they create together, it belongs immediately to them—the creative process is the change process.

You will save time - everyone can see the strategic choices that the company needs to make, and you can facilitate decisions in the moment.

You will get a better outcome - good ideas come from discussing, clarifying, and reframing a diversity of perspectives.

You will make people excited - when you include people in the process, they feel heard. Recognizing somebody’s voice is one of the most significant sources of motivation.

There are more benefits to a co-creation approach to building a strategic narrative, but these are critical.

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