What To Do This Season To Revive Your Strategic Narrative

Don't miss it. The end of the year is a crucial opportunity to revive your strategic narrative by remembering and reflecting on your company's origin.

Your origin story plays a significant role in the foundation of your strategic narrative because it holds the first traces of your company DNA.

The company DNA is a metaphor that Gareth Morgan, in a 1997 book, defined as the "visions, values, and a sense of purpose that bind an organization together" to enable individuals to "understand and absorb the mission and challenge of the whole enterprise".

In the next two weeks, take the time to cultivate your strategic narrative by refreshing the memory of the moment and reason(s) why you started your company in the first place (or why you started with your company if you're not the founder). You will strengthen your organization and your brand too.

We're approaching Christmas. There is a day in the year to celebrate the origin of Christianity. Although the exact month and date of Jesus' birth are unknown, around the early fourth century, the Church fixed the date as December 25th. That day became a chance for all believers to celebrate the story of Jesus and re-unite with the greater purpose of life and God. They know what to do to revive the origin of the Church and when.

Any human collaboration, such as a company, relies on the possibility to believe in common myths that keep existing in our imagination. Those myths rally people only if we continue to communicate and enact them.

That's what you do when you revisit and reflect on the origin of your business.

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