A Hands-on Conversation

Plenty of tips for building your strategic narrative in this resource.

Hakeem Adebiyi invited me to the Hands-On Business Podcast to talk about the one thing you need to innovate and create impact. Did you guess what it is?

Here is how Hakeem Described the episode:

"Innovation only happens if we know how to create new narratives. People will pay for a story, but they will die for a narrative". - Guillaume Wiatr

Join us on today's episode to explore Guillaume's mission to turn every organization, team, and personal story into a movement that few can resist.

Find out, amongst many things:

  • What is the difference between story and narrative?
  • Why is the company narrative not just a sales and marketing thing?
  • Why the company narrative is the job of the CEO?

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About Hakeem

Hakeem Adebiyi, and I am the founder of Sales Acceleration Formula.

He created The Sales Acceleration Formula software to help companies and provide them and their sales team who struggle to follow a systematic process.

The Sales Acceleration Formula has three key elements, and they are:

☑️ Target the right accounts based on potential and probability

☑️ Understand the decisions you are trying to influence

☑️ Build clear plans, actions, and deliverables around those decisions.

For Those With A Leadership Position
When The Narrative IS The Strategy