For Those With A Leadership Position

How do you build a profitable company that people want to buy from and work with?

These days, great products alone are not enough. Just look at how people interact with big brands, small businesses, or even non-profits. We expect something more powerful than a transaction.

We need an emotional connection.

We want to live in connection with companies that give a voice to our values and invite us to participate in the change that we feel excited about. We also want to work with teams, bosses, and colleagues that get us going.

These days, I am learning once again the crucial importance of creating meaning and sharing inspiration one-on-one with people.

This principle isn’t new, but it’s more important than ever, especially for people who lead.

Here is the thing: everyone can and should think, talk, and act like a leader, especially those with the privilege of a leadership position.

Knowing how to build a strategic narrative helps you do that.

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