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The Strategic Narrative Workshop starts Tuesday, January 25th.

It happens online, and when you attend this workshop, you are going to transform the way you, your team, and everybody else think and talk about your business, so your business thrives.

You are going to do that by using the strategic narrative canvas, a framework that I created after working for more than two decades with hundreds of other business leaders just like you.

Build your strategic narrative

People want to work with and buy from companies driven by an inspiring purpose.

This is the kind of company you become when you have a strong strategic narrative.

To prove it, I will share many examples, and I will analyze them with you with a clear system.

Then, we will focus on helping you build a new narrative, not just on clarifying your existing story.

Here is a crucial difference:

People will gladly pay for a story, but people will almost die for a narrative.

When you craft a story, you gather an audience. When you initiate a new narrative, you turn this audience into active participants.

Create true believers

Whether you are launching a new product/service/offer/company or you're feeling like your business could use some momentum, join this workshop today.

1 - It will increase people's willingness to buy your product.

2 - It will increase people's desire to work with you.

Accelerate your business

In this workshop:

  • We create a safe space for you to take the risk to test a new vision.
  • We break up the principles of Strategic Narrative Building into manageable chunks.
  • We give you a weekly opportunity to practice what you've learned.
  • All of this while building something critical: Your Strategic Narrative.

Register now

Visit the workshop page and register today.

You'll find a detailed curriculum, a sample of my teaching style, some testimonials, and FAQs.

You will be only 12 people maximum in this workshop.

I am very excited to see you there.

The world needs more leaders able to inspire people to take action.


PS: Questions? I'm here to help. Hit reply, and let's talk. No question is too small.

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