In researching how to crack the code of innovation adoption, I realized years ago that framing is the most powerful concept in psychology and a superpower for business leaders.

Simply put, framing is how you perceive, interpret and communicate reality. We use it to impose our rules in social interactions and turn situations to our advantage.

Framing is everywhere and happens all the time. It is one of the most basic yet misunderstood human activities.

A strategic narrative is a frame for why your company exists and how it intends to have an impact and grow. It is a powerful tool to align everyone inside and outside, from your team, your community, your clients, to yourself.

For instance, one of the many benefits of a strategic narrative is to get your organization out of politics because it shifts the focus from internal affairs to external outcomes. I see this all the time: the company story is “about us” for most business leaders. The company strategic narrative is “about all stakeholders.”

When you join The Strategic Narrative Workshop, you learn how to build that frame for your business, whether it’s a one-person shop or a multi-thousand people organization.

This week, the workshop participants focus on the first part of their strategic narrative: their origin story.

You control the direction you want your company to take by understanding your frame as a company founder and/or CEO. So, yes, leadership starts with your mindset.

We start with your origin story because framing your company’s direction begins with a confident and authentic understanding of the values you decided to bring to the table when you decided to start or join.

First, it’s personal.

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