Thoughts On A New Definition Of Marketing

There might be a way to lower the pressure that Marketing puts on our businesses.

It would be to think about Marketing first as a collaboration with other people to create something better.

Traditionally, Marketing is a product-centric activity. Marketing is the promotion of our solution to a problem to an audience.

We bring, and sometimes push (hard), a product to a market using fear, manipulation, and lies.

This costly approach also increases the risk of building the wrong product because we’ve not researched enough about what people want to adopt.

Are they even ready to adopt the invention that we came up with?

Marketing as promotion feels old-school.

So, what if Marketing was a relationship-centric activity.

We would include early on the members of our ecosystem as participants in designing a solution.

People would not be an “audience” anymore. Instead, they would be “participants” or “stakeholders”.

We would collaborate on improving something we all care about at a lower cost because we wouldn’t have to do so much work on our own, trying to guess what might work.

We would still drive the creation process, but there would be less pressure, less stress, and more authenticity in what we create.

Aren't you sometimes tired of trying to figure things out on your own?

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