Articulation Is Curation

Getting clear about an idea doesn’t happen overnight.

You don’t think about something, go to sleep and wake up the next day with a clear way to express yourself.


Getting clear about an idea happens because you’ve articulated many, many times what it is about.

You’ve done it so many times that you’ve removed every unnecessary detail, and you’ve done the hard work of explaining to yourself why it matters in a hundred different ways.

As David C. Baker says, “You gain clarity through the articulation of ideas.”

So, put yourself in a position where you are forced to articulate your ideas. That’s a powerful way to get clear.

You can do that through writing, recording yourself, drawing, presenting, and talking on a podcast.

The ideal way, and probably the only way, is to do it publicly.

When you express what you think, you become aware of it.

Therefore, you can hone it.

And you can decide to own it too.

But if your intuition tells you that your idea is not so good, you’ll let go of it.

Articulation is curation.

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