Your Leadership Magic

Chris Anderson, the head of TED, writes this on page 242 of his book Ted Talks:

“Almost every human born at almost every place and moment in history has had their potential capped by a single fact over which they had almost no control, namely, the quality of the teachers and mentors they had access to. But now, for the first time in history, it’s possible for anyone on the planet who has access to the Internet to summon to their home the world’s greatest teachers and inspirers. The potential that represents is breathtaking.”

When I read this quote, I am also thinking about the potential that this represents for those who teach and mentor.

Teaching and mentoring are like magic powers, and with great power comes great responsibility. Teachers and mentors can help us see the world differently.

My wife Deana is a public school teacher and lives by a quote from Federico Fellini: “A different language is a different vision of life.”

Teachers and mentors can help us decide which narrative we want to live by.

If you practice leadership (at work, home, or just anywhere), consider yourself a teacher and a mentor.

I believe that the responsibility to grow the potential of people is more significant than most think.

In the last decades, the responsibility for society has shifted. Companies have more influence on our lives than government and religious organizations. In this context, business leaders are the new caretakers of the community.

With great power comes great responsibility. It is also your job to help people decide which narrative they want to live by. As a business leader, you are responsible for changing the story in people’s minds.

Work your leadership magic. This week, whose vision of life will you help change?

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