Should You Control Your Narrative?

If you don’t define yourself, people will do it for you. And when this happens, it may create problems:

  • Your competition will turn your product or service into a commodity. They’ll say they do the same as you, but better.
  • Influencers will comment on your choices. They’ll give reasons that may not be yours.
  • Your team will misinterpret your strategy. They’ll try their best, but they will shoot in divergent directions.
  • Your customers will shortcut your value. They’ll convey an image that downplays your impact.
  • You will talk to yourself with negative or limiting thoughts. You may not even notice it and stifle your leadership.

My intent with this message is not to create more anxiety. Hopefully, it doesn’t generate fear. Instead, I want to bring to your attention that your narrative is something you can and should shape.

It’s almost impossible to control your narrative because other more prominent adjacent narratives are too powerful (e.g., AI, crypto, society, safety, economy, etc.).

Plus, control is for beginners.

But you have a responsibility to shape the narrative that determines the outcome of your actions, the results of your company, and your impact on society.

For further details, I explore this topic and how organizations can better adapt with Hilmon Sorey’s podcast, The Winning Zone.

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