Three Ways To Improve Your Pitching Abilities

Here are three easy ways to improve your pitching abilities: practice, practice, and practice.

Even more importantly, make sure you practice in public.

  • You will get instant feedback. People's reactions will tell you immediately if you're striking a chord.
  • You won't have to guess what to improve.
  • You will find new ways to make your point in real-time.
  • You will build confidence by accepting the discomfort of sharing something you're not familiar with yourself.
  • You will also increase your level of comfort with rejection.
  • You will be confident that you will survive almost any unexpected situation.

How often should you practice?

It's up to you to decide. But here is a challenge that I often propose to mission-driven entrepreneurs committed to growing their impact:

At least once a day for 30 days, film yourself pitching. Share this video with people around you (colleagues, clients, friends, mentors, etc.). Do this, and learn from them.

Will your pitch ever be perfect?

Practice doesn't make perfect, but practice makes progress.

Last by not least, have fun. Pitching is innate to all of us and can be an absolute joy.

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