A More Useful Goal

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Now, back to today’s article…

Making money isn’t a helpful goal. Instead, making money is a side effect of improving people’s lives.

Influential experts start with the goal of positively impacting the existence of people around them.

They shoot for something bigger than them, something so big that, most of the time, it is impossible to achieve.

But that’s OK because shooting higher elevates us all.

When your business is defined by an opportunity that makes everyone thrive, don’t be surprised if people want to work with you and want you to succeed.

So, set your firm on a mission. Think of your business as the enabler of a movement, less as an organization. Movements are human. They have an opinion. They are on a mission.

With this strategy, you will unlock new levels of engagement and, consequently, new levels of profit because people want to advocate for and engage with businesses with which they share the same values.

To summarize:

Want to make more money?

  • Start by figuring out how you’re going to improve someone’s life.
  • Make this your mission.
  • Position your business as the vehicle of an expert on a mission.
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