Your 2022 Wrapped Is Here!

Learn to launch lightly so that you can launch more often. So let’s do it, and let’s have fun!

I invite you to join the MetaHelm 2022 Wrapped free-to-attend session on Thursday, December 15th, at 9:00 Pacific Time for 90 minutes. It’s free. It will be fun, and you’ll learn my best stuff.

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Inspired by Spotify Wrapped, I will look back at a year of development and growth to share my pick of the best strategies, tools, and tips to build your strategic narrative and become an expert on a mission.

I’ve never done a session like this before, so it will be fun to “replay” 12 of my most popular 2022 pieces of content and share some of my successes and failures, what I learned, and what will be available to you in 2023.

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This session will be great if you are a principal, founder, partner, CEO of a professional services firm, consultant, coach, advisor, designer, or any other type of entrepreneurial expert. If you don’t claim to be that person (yet), you’re invited anyways. The more, the merrier.

This an opportunity to learn, reflect on your year, gather ideas to plan 2023, network with colleagues, and laugh.

Because of the Holidays, this will be a more playful webinar than usual. You might even see the goofy me in action.

So, book your seat.

Thanks, Spotify, for letting me steal your concept like an artist.

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