Authentic Outreach

Discover the art of Authentic Outreach. Learn to genuinely connect with potential clients like an expert, avoiding the 'salesy vendor' narrative. Dive into tailored strategies, craft effective emails, and adopt a mindset that values genuine intent. Turn outreach into a joy, not a chore.



Customer acquisition and especially cold acquisition is not for me. At the same time, I maintain very good relationships with my customers and rely on them. This course from Guillaume is a great enrichment for me in building meaningful customer relationships in a human and authentic way. I would recommend it to anyone who is as uncomfortable with cold calling as I am. - Kai Magaldi

I recommend attending Guillaume's classes to all my associates. Rote marketing methodology is broken, and I think that is clear to a vast number of business owners who see no return on their investments. People no longer just buy services, they buy human connection, meaning and purpose. Guillaume's special talent is enabling meaningful human connection in business. Thank you Guillaume. - Gigi DesFontaines

This workshop provided clear, heart-felt guidance on connecting with clients and prospective clients in a way that doesn't feel gimmicky or market-trendy. - Jenn Urso

Authentic Outreach