Perspective Development

Challenge existing beliefs, inspire change, build credibility, lead by example, and create a platform for dialogue.

Perspective development is the exploration, diffusion, and utilization of a signature argument that you make in service of your audience’s best interest.

You may have heard that you need to have a strong perspective. And it’s true. Your perspective builds narrative power for your business. Perspective Development is one of the 12 practices of the Strategic Narrative® methodology.

An innovative perspective builds up narrative power by challenging existing beliefs, inspiring change, building credibility, leading by example, and creating a platform for dialogue. All purposeful differentiators stem from your perspective.

Your perspective gives you the ability to disagree with your colleagues and therefore differentiates your business from a moral standpoint. By constantly sharing innovative insights about your client's needs, you demonstrate thought leadership.

Yet, perspective development can be challenging for business leaders in professional services firms. You may struggle to identify a distinctive stance that is valuable to clients and true to your expertise and values.



  • Why Perspective Development?
  • What Is Perspective Development?
  • Assessing Your Perspective Development Practice
  • A signature argument
  • Perspective Exploration
  • A system to capture your perspective
  • Just Write it!
  • A Platform For Dialogue
  • The End of Something
  • Hard No, or A Bridge to the Future?
  • Your Perspective Story
  • Defining Your Company Values - Aspiring vs Demonstrated Values
  • Should You Build A Contradictory Perspective?
  • 3 Questions To Develop an Innovative Perspective
  • Writing And Publishing Your Perspective



“The program and Guillaume’s clarity is everything I love: high-level yet down-to-earth and practical.” - Karin Zastrow

"I'm relatively skeptical when it comes to courses like this. Usually too much up-selling. Not this one. Hugely valuable with repeatable, actionable tools and exercises. Guillaume's command and belief in the subject matter is evident, which makes the course more enjoyable." - Todd Lieman

I just attended Guillaume's Perspective Development workshop—a great blend of impactful and useful content, examples, and participant chat. The on-the-spot concept development with the participants was super helpful. I look forward to joining the membership for more of this and building meaningful connections with other "classmates." - Sarah Boxx

“Guillaume takes you on a thoughtful journey of questions and exercises, and I was surprised at the ease my ideas came forward. He organized the content very well and guided us through learning and growth. This is rare in a virtual setting, and he nailed it. Time well spent for me.” - Cassandra Delaune

“Besides teaching, Metahelm brings together eclectic groups of people who then share and express ideas others might not have considered otherwise. It is sort of like going into a building every day, through the front door, again and again. Metahelm asks the question, "What about this door over here? Have you tried entering from a different place?" Additionally, Metahelm suggests not only new doors or avenues but also introduces new perspectives and mind-opening challenges and ideas that, in turn, promote personal business growth and development.” Doug Sparkes

“Guillaume helped me pull fuzzy details out of my brain to make them concrete and actionable. I leave realizing I need to be louder with my point of view and share it with the world.” - Joel Carter

“Guillaume's course on perspective helped me articulate what core beliefs our nonprofit holds and what status quo positions we're trying to overthrow with our "signature argument." I'm impressed with Guillaume's passion and the way he draws changemakers from all over the world into a vibrant community.” - Kristie McLean

Perspective Development