One Question To you

by May 16, 2022Approach

What course(s) would you love for me to teach?

Just answer what comes to mind spontaneously at this moment. And thank you if you’ve already replied.

I would love your help 🙏🏼 as I’m doing a bit of market research about new topics for my online courses.

If you need context or help, here are a few prompts:

  • What do you most want to learn right now related to business creation and strategy (my areas of focus)? What skills would you love to develop?
  • “If I only knew how to do this ________(fill in the blank)________, I would be more empowered to build a sustainable/thriving business.”
  • “More than anyone else I know, Guillaume Wiatr would be best to teach this: ________(fill in the blank)________. I’d love to take that class!”
  • “If I could learn just 1 skill from Guillaume, it would be this: ________(fill in the blank)________ !”

I look forward to your reply.

With gratitude🙏🏼,


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