Inner beauty

by Strategy

I’ve reviewed and transformed hundreds of sales and strategy presentation decks in my career.

The number one question that I get when clients ask me to take a look at there slides is “Help me make it look good. I want to be proud of it.”

Beauty comes from the inside.

So, I look at the content, and I always go first for the story.

The storyline is the frame of all well-thought-through strategy.

If you stand in front of a beautiful piece of art, or a building, your eye will be caught by the proportions.

There is a lot of structure and thought behind all beauty. It’s not random.

If you’re in the process of pivoting your business, the same goes for your mission.

It should feel clear, attractive, fluid, and coherent. It should stick in people’s mind and be interesting enough that they want to talk about it to someone else. And perhaps, it will make them want to join you and your cause.



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