How To Build The Best Company Ever

by Apr 1, 2022Approach, MetaCool

How to make your company a market leader? Read on. What follows is the ultimate best practice and one of my best-kept secrets:

1 – Gather your leadership team for a half-day session to craft a new purpose and vision statement for your company. Use a proven template so that you only have to feel in the blanks and save time.

2 – Delegate the process to your Marketing team. They know a lot already about the company and the market. If you don’t have one, hire a creative agency or a freelancer to lead the process for you. The CEO has other priorities and doesn’t need to be involved too much.

3 – Now, update your branding material. As part of your rollout, make sure to have a few experts produce a beautiful brand book. It will make your company sound and look great. Train everyone to learn the brand guidelines by heart.

4 – Craft THE story by using a classic story arc where your customer is the hero and your product is the only ultimate solution to their problem.

5 – Post that story on your website to hook more people and generate a ton of leads. Make sure to include that you’re “purpose-driven”, “best-in-class,” and that for you, “culture is everything”.

6 – Sit back, relax, enjoy your favorite Friday cocktail and watch your company grow.

Happy April 1st, my friends!

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