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by Nov 14, 2022Event, Leadership

Don’t lie to yourself.

To get in shape, cool new sports clothes will not replace discipline.

A new logo will not change how you lead sales calls.

A one-day offsite will not fix your team’s long-time alignment problem.

The surface level is just the beginning of what it takes to improve and become a pro.

So, dig deeper.

Building narrative power for your business takes time and emotional labor because it requires looking for the truth and shaping it like you cut a diamond. It’s a process of exploration, expression, and experimentation.

Want to learn that process? Join us for Strategic Narrative Essentials on Thursday, November 17th, at 9:00 Pacific Time, for 90 minutes. You can attend live for free or purchase the course material and videos for $100 after the session if you can’t make it. Register here.

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