Change, In One Sentence

by Jun 4, 2020Strategy

How are we going to make people care more?

This is a fundamental question.

People care and therefore people change because they react to what’s at stake to them.

Whether it’s about a change in your life, a change that your clients should operate, a strategy change in your organization, or a transformation that must happen in our country, the stakes are the basic rule.

As humans, I think that we only need to know two things to be compelled to make or demand change.

First: What will we lose?

Second: What could we gain?

Without a clear understanding of what we might miss, we may never fully understand the priority or urgency.

So, let’s keep the stakes simple, with things that each of us understand the importance of.

Here is how to explain the stakes in one sentence.

“We are doing ………………. in order to ………………. because if we don’t ……………….”.

Look around, fill the blanks, share your message, and see what happens.

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