Retaining Scopes or Raining Opportunities?

I learned something illuminating thanks to a recent conversation with a potential CEO client.

She mentioned how our discussions infused her team with a sense of 'abundance.’ It made me reflect on an important truth - we reap what we sow. If we dream small, our results are often small. But if we nurture an abundance mindset, the possibilities become boundless.

A few years ago, I set out to eliminate the barriers between my clients and my expertise in my coaching program. I introduced a 24/7 messaging system that let them ask me any question anytime, incorporated calls as needed, and pledged unlimited reviews of their work.

The aim? To eliminate any delay or limit between my client's need for help and the moment they receive it.

Another story inspired by this realization. A few years ago, one of my coaches offered unconditional support over the phone until the last second before I joined a crucial sales meeting in New York with a global executive search firm.

At that time, I didn't fully comprehend why he did it. Now, I do.

It was all about abundance.

I ended up winning a sizeable and very profitable project that I led with the same generosity.

In the world of professional services, we are often drowned in a language filled with constrictions that limit our growth potential. We speak of 'scoping,’ 'retaining,’ 'caping,’ and setting 'ceilings.’ We create boundaries, thresholds, and terms and conditions. But here is a question: when we claim to be full of ideas, brimming with solutions, when we want to be known for our creativity and our limitless problem-solving skills, why do we exert so much energy in setting these constraints?

The language of limitation is a narrative that undermines our potential.

But if we shift our perspective to the language of abundance, we can begin to see new horizons.

After all, we get what we give. If we give limitlessly, we open ourselves to limitless opportunities.

Abundance is not just a mindset. It's a lifestyle, a commitment to nurturing infinite potential, and, most importantly, the belief that endless possibilities exist.

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