From Status Quo to Status Grow

As an entrepreneur, have you ever faced a junction where the road diverges? You’re then forced to choose between four options:

1- Going backwards

2 - Choosing the road more traveled - the status quo

3 - Choosing the uncharted but potentially very rewarding path

4 - Not making any progress and staying where you are.

This is where the concept of narrative power comes into play.

Narrative power is the leadership ability to defy the normal when the normal is wrong and courageously venture into the unknown.

It is a skill that helps you grow. Not just financially but holistically.

I recall a pivotal moment 22 years ago during a consulting project for a large corporation. Faced with a "Y" junction, I decided to risk my career by deviating from my planned agenda. My gut told me that the client's issues were not technical but about team dynamics. On a whim, I decided to derail the meeting to get under the surface-level issue and address this real problem. That courageous act changed the trajectory of the project and earned me a new perspective on leadership. It also gave me the confidence to follow my intuition when I met other “Ys” on the road, later in my life. It gave me even more strength to go against the norm when it needed to change.

And narrative power isn't confined to large life decisions. Your day comprises a multitude of tiny junctions where you can either stick to the routine or break free. Whether it's procrastination, delaying critical tasks, or adhering to an outdated leadership style or sales approach, these daily decisions shape your narrative. They forge your identity. Building your narrative is a courageous act of leadership that consists of making the decisions that shape who you are.

Nobody remembers what you say you do. But everyone remembers how you made them feel when you decided to do it a certain way.

What if you want to get more clients? But what you say, think, and do gets in the way because it signals that you are mentally and energetically not open for business. It is time to change. You know it. And it is up to you to let the new normal emerge in your existence. It is time to build that dream client list, write those heartfelt personalized email invitations, and schedule those probing conversations.

In my experience, entrepreneurs who build narrative power find business success and cultivate a meaningful life. Netflix founder Reed Hastings, for instance, used his narrative power to disrupt the video rental industry by daring to change the business model. Frederic Laloux led a new global movement - Teal Organizations - by developing a radically new approach to creating more agile and meaningful companies.

So, what's stopping you from embracing your own narrative power? Is it fear of the unknown or the comfort of the status quo? Whatever it is, understand that real growth—be it personal, professional, or entrepreneurial—rarely happens in the comfort zone. You have to be willing to leave that behind and embrace the uncertainty of the less-traveled path.

"Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage,” said Anais Nin.

Narrative power is about taking control of your choices, redirecting your path when it needs a change, and boldly writing new chapters even when unsure how they'll end. It’s about transforming from a passive character in your life to an active protagonist who makes decisions and takes risks. It’s not just about growing your business; it’s about growing as a human being, gaining new perspectives, and enriching your life.

If you find yourself stuck, paralyzed by indecision, remember that each choice you avoid is a missed opportunity to reshape your narrative. So, make your next move a good one. Not because it’s the right one but simply because you took action.

Take that leap of faith because it’s only when you push against the boundaries of the status quo that you truly start to grow.

This is your story. How do you want it to read?

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