First, Publish From The Heart


Publishing isn't just for marketing.

The necessity of publishing is indisputable. When I started MetaHelm, I was aware of content marketing, but it took me two years to embark on it.

Why? It was a difficult task. I was scared and dissatisfied with my writing.

In response, I hired a writer. Despite this, the process was slow, frustrating, and costly. Not her fault - she was fantastic. But my thoughts lacked authenticity.

I was fixated on achieving perfection and being engaging.

Then I realized: My audience cared more about my authenticity than the depth of my knowledge.

When I stopped striving for the creation of perfect content for my ideal clients, I was met with a pleasant surprise: the magic of inspiration.

However, this required me to check my ego at the door and show up as I was. I needed to abandon the belief that I had to have many exciting ideas to write and publish.

Soon, I noticed that writing was a way for more ideas to emerge. These ideas were beautifully imperfect, genuine, and delicate, yet very much alive.

Today, publishing my thoughts about my work is an essential practice. I feel compelled to provide transparent insights into how I handle client issues.

Failing to engage in this practice regularly and consistently and not being open about my approach to client topics would be a mistake. I would even consider it malpractice, as I believe my clients have a right to know upfront how I genuinely see their issues and intend to fix them.

Publish from the heart. Don't overthink it - send that email to your list or post that video. Today. Now.

Some people might question why I publish so regularly. They might suspect it's all about making money.

They believe I merely create content.

Instead, I develop insight.

Content creation is about quantity. It's a race for more visibility, clicks, and likes.

Insight development is about figuring out your thoughts. It involves looking inward and discovering the real ideas within. It's a game of integrity.

As the term "in-sight" suggests, it means exploring what is seen inside your mind and soul, reaching for the authentic ideas that yearn to be illuminated and brought to life.

The game of insight development is about honesty. It requires emotional labor. When you develop insight, you search for the 'gold' in your mind, the "gold mind." And when you find it, you own it.

Many leaders in professional services struggle with distinguishing between these two. But once they start delving into their ideas, they see significant improvements.

They discover unique opinions and arguments that differentiate their work. It enables their business to stand out in their audience's mind, building it on solid grounds that they both love and defend.

As experts, our ideas are our currency. Writing is merely thinking in words. The best way to build confidence is to know your subject thoroughly. And the best way to do it is to do it in public.

I don't write because I have many ideas. I have many ideas because I write. And you get to see them.

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