When Inspiration Is A No-Show

What do you do when you’re not inspired?

You admit it. Truth always wins.

I admit that I wasn’t feeling inspired to write anything today. I was going to skip my daily ritual.

That was actually a good reminder of the power and the importance of inspiration.

In our businesses, we have many hopes and ambitions for the future, lots of visions, targets, goals, objectives, purposes, end-points, missions, desires, and dreams. As humans, we have this extraordinary ability to imagine the destiny that we thrive to follow. When we aspire to achieve a certain career or status, we then make plans.

I had aspired to write today. That was the plan. But instead, nothing would come to mind.

Without inspiration, aspirations don’t get us anywhere. We’re kind of stuck. Without your inspiration, your organization can’t function.

After all, aspirations are driven by our ego, and alone, we are powerless without the help of others.

Inspiration has the potential to trigger something within us, to engage our creativity. It’s the encouragements, the enthusiasm, the motivation, the awakening, the impulse, the enthusiasm, the life, the illumination, the spark, the urge to do something that we feel when we connect with others.

Inspiration works as a trigger for new aspirations. To accomplish anything, we need to let the spirits in: hence “in-spiration”.

But unlike aspirations, it’s not like we can plan our inspiration. Sometimes, it just won’t show up.

In those moments, it helps to remember the reason why we are doing things. Thinking of the "bigger picture" can help us find a sense of meaning and purpose.

That’s when your strategic narrative becomes crucial and should serve as that reminder. That shared system of stories will keep inspiring you and your community because it holds the source of why you do what you do. It is a vital asset that will keep you showing up in a meaningful way.

Did you build it yet?

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