What’s Up With Your Attitude?

One of the biggest problems I run into when I help CEOS, Leadership Teams, and entrepreneurs create a strategic narrative is their attitude.

It’s not that they have the wrong one. No, it’s more that they don’t have one at all. As a result, their strategy is too fuzzy, and that’s costing them millions.

I define “Strategic Narrative” as a system of stories that promote a particular point of view. Thinking in terms of a narrative can help you focus all the stories you tell on the promotion of a particular attitude towards the topic of your business.

Take Swedish food brand Oatly for instance. They produce alternatives to dairy products from oats. From reading their website, my interpretation of their attitude is this (I am paraphrasing):

We don’t like dairy products. We believe that they take too much energy, water, land, and greenhouse gas emissions to make. So, we deliver products that have maximum nutritional value and minimal environmental impact.

Your attitude matters because it has several important functions:

Identity: your attitude is who you are. Defining the point of view that you like helps you define what challenges you want to take on or not. That's a basic principle for creating an identity.

Differentiation: Do you remember that person you met once with that attitude? Whether they have a negative or a positive attitude about something, people with an attitude stand out and retain your attention.

Decision-making: your attitude helps you and your team make clearer decisions. Internally, it’s easier to pick a direction if you know the prevalent inclination. Outside, your attitude helps people choose you or not.

Whether you sell oat milk, cars, makeup, cybersecurity, or consulting, you have an attitude. It is critical to define and share it. That's what your strategic narrative helps you do.

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