How To Differentiate In Your Market

How to differentiate:

Give your opinion. Politicians know that very well.

Change the narrative. Show the outdated way, and compare it to the new and relevant way.

Reframe, don’t just repeat or summarize your understanding of your customer’s problem. It’s OK to take the time to show that you understand. Watch people nod when they hear that you get them.

Share a narrative that presents your own understanding of the situation that your audience is facing. People don’t actually buy your solution, they buy your new understanding of their problem.

Share your point of view and the set of values that you are on a mission to defend.

Stand for this point of view. Enact your narrative by making your product, service or process the materialization of your idea. In other words, walk the talk. Simple steps usually go a long way.

Offer something that questions the institutionalized narrative, something controversial. Some will reject you, but that’s when you know that you’re on your way to change something that really matters.

How not to differentiate:

Go straight to product features without changing the narrative first.

Use the same process but say that it’s different and better.

Say that you are located in X number of markets when nobody cares anymore since we’re online and everything can be delivered.

Use a good buzzword like “Empathy”.

Show off your tools. They’re cool, but who cares?

Lower your price.

Use your competitor’s name to explain what else you bring.

Explain everything in detail about what your solution does. Say everything but the “so what”.

Basically, try to differentiate without really understanding what would make a meaningful difference in the life of the people you serve.

Meaning is a competitive advantage, especially this year.

Yes, you will have to dig deeper to find it and stand out. That takes effort. But good differentiation is more like reconstructive surgery than makeup.

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