How To Not Dream Alone

The most powerful force in getting your message to people is clarity.

What else is more important than people understanding what your business is about? I am always surprised to see how many business leaders struggle to explain their strategy in simple terms.

At the same time, clarity doesn’t come naturally. It takes self-discipline and self-awareness. Clear writing is no accident, it is hard work.

What can you do to clarify your message quickly?

Eliminate jargon.

As a non-native speaker, I used to mimic my new American colleagues and think that I should use big and technical words to sound more legitimate. Over time, I found that the opposite is true.

Fancy words are for beginners. Avoid jargon and management-speak. Say it plain, be specific and tangible.

Talk about what we’ll see, feel and do.

When Kennedy launched the space program at Rice Stadium in Houston, Texas on September 12, 1962, he didn’t say “Our mission is to become an international leader in the space industry through maximum team-centered innovation and strategically targeted aerospace initiatives”.

Well no, he actually said: “We will put a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade."

Your business strategy might be a moonshot idea, a dream that you hope to turn into reality. Still, keep things human, simple, and clear.

Do that so people understand it, and so you don’t just dream your dream alone.

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