Is your business customer-centric? Of course, it is. As business people, we all know that being customer-centric is important. It’s the condition for staying relevant.

In truth: we struggle with it.

It’s not because of neglect or because we don’t care. It’s more of a blind spot. We are under pressure. We don’t have the right tools. We don’t have the right questions. We don’t want to bug people. We think we know what they think already. Sometimes, it can be scary. Add your own reason here:

If you feel like you don’t do it enough, here is a brief list to help you trigger the habit of talking to your customers. Usually, a simple phone call will work.

  • A strategy is about connecting with customers and reflecting their personal view of the world back at them.
  • To make people listen, use their own words. They’ll feel like you talk the same language, that you connect.
  • Instead of guessing what those words are, ask your customers. You will hear the magic words that sell your product, your service, your idea.
  • Your customer’s words have the ultimate power to align your team when it comes to making decisions. When you create your strategy with the words of your customer in mind, implementation is a lot easier.

It matters for staying relevant and it’s a trait of intelligent leadership.

“Seek first to understand, then be understood.” Stephen Covey

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