The Ultimate Sales Team

Today, during my weekly work session with one of the companies I coach, I heard something really cool.

The VP of business development told us that one of her best clients offered to help her sell, by participating in her own sales calls. That's because this client is really inspired by the work they did together.

Yes, my client got her best client to volunteer to help her sell to her prospective client.

I’ve always thought that happy customers are your best salespeople. Typically, you can get their testimonials in writing. Videos are even better. To me, having your clients join your sales team seems pretty powerful.

In discussing how she managed to do that, a couple of things stood out:

  1. The high quality of the relationships she builds.
  2. The impact she has, now that she uses the strategic narrative we built together.

Building relationships is great. Having a narrative to call these relationships to action and bring them along with you in helping more people, that is awesome.

When your narrative focuses on emotions, you can transcend any kind of barrier. Anything is possible. Having something to all come around together is a powerful force that every company should learn to harness.

That seems like an interesting opportunity. What do you think?

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