I understand. It is not always easy for your brand to get into the mind of your customers. You have to grab their attention constantly, and attention is a rare commodity these days.

In this situation, it’s tempting to come up with a hundredth product idea to launch. After all, another hook might increase the odds of catching more business. Casting a wider net of options statistically increases your chances.

The problem is that this method increases the risk of blurring the outline of your institutional identity if you don’t stick to your focus. It will hurt your positioning, and that is a costly problem.

Don't innovate for the wrong reason

In the fight for attention, we sometimes forget that innovation is not about fighting. It’s about dating.

When you fight, you focus on competition. You start doing the same as everyone, and you end up lost in the sea of names that make your market category.

When you date, you care first about understanding who you want to be with. I mean, who you want to work with. Your focus stays intact because you keep it on what matters to your customers and your organization.

So, make sure that your customers feel like they are understood. That’s how you create and nourish a relationship.

Your narrative is your focus.

It’s hard to make good decisions.

You always have the ability to chose where you place your focus. This is a choice that is more important than ever during our times. You express this choice by creating a good strategic narrative.

How could your focus help your community and get everyone excited about a new opportunity?

Tesla's focus is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy.

Warby Parker's focus is to give people access to the glasses they need to live a productive life.

Roche Pharmaceutical's focus is to deliver 3 to 5 times more benefits to patients for half the cost to society in the next 10 years.

With the power of focus, you always have the ability to guide your organization in the direction it wants to go and make decisions easier.

I wish you the focus you need to achieve what you need to achieve.

Create your strategic narrative. It is strategic, literally. It holds your focus.

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