Celebrating A Winning Narrative

Earlier this week, I wrote about how I helped Robert White. He is the CEO of Sound Sustainability, a Seattle startup on a mission to improve hearing health for everyone by educating, engaging, and increasing access.

Robert transformed his investor pitch with my guidance. In a few hours, he was able to turn it into a powerful call to action, making his emotions the driving force of his narrative.

He emailed me last night and gave me permission to share his message with you.

“Great news to share with you! Today at noon they announced and we won the grand prize! I have been busy all afternoon responding to emails and finally getting around to thanking people like you. Your work truly made a difference in just two days.”

Robert is a hearing-impaired Army veteran and believes that everyone has the right to hear. He and his team received $15,000 so they can accelerate the momentum of the company. Coincidentally, the day they won, March 3, also happened to be World Hearing Day. You can read more details here. You can contact him here to send him your congratulations.

When a purpose-filled company wins, we all win.

I hope this message inspires you to see what’s possible and that it is giving you ideas and energy for more wins of your own.

Happy Friday!


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