Choosing Courage

The companies I help range from organizations with a handful of people to tenths of thousands.

What they do is also very diverse. For example, NuOz builds networks for large retailers. Spencer Stuart finds the next CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. The L’Oreal brand IT Cosmetics creates skin-loving beauty products. Microsoft develops the next generation of software, and the Gates Foundation wants to eradicate Malaria.

However, all the CEOs, leaders, and entrepreneurs in these organizations have one thing in common. When we work together on their strategic narrative, they all show up with courage.

They are ready to evolve the expression of their worldview. That also means accepting to make sacrifices to stand out. In many cases, they realize they were wrong in some aspects of their strategy. They invested in very uncertain initiatives or publicly called bullshit on how their industry traditionally operates. They do it because they believe that there is a more meaningful way to help the people they serve.

In the latest episode of her podcast, Choosing Courage, my friend Katie Tuite and I chatted about what it takes to lead with guts, challenge conventions, and go against the grain. She is a professional coach and helps her clients design a life and career with intention.

The episode is called Being An Anomaly because, as I wrote in a previous article, I believe that feeling like an anomaly is a sign that you’re thinking differently. That’s where progress stems from.

You can listen to this podcast episode here:

This is a short recording, but one that will make you want to make courageous strategic moves.

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