What are we selling?

Simply put, a better version of our customer; the promise that they will be better off with our product or service.

That’s all. That’s the destination of the journey.

But that only works if our promise aligns with their goal.

The more aligned, the more urgent the promise becomes.

Then, the promise becomes hope.

If you have a startup, promise and hope are all you’ve got until you create at least a prototype of your product, and you get some traction with it.

Then, your company grows and gets bigger. You have proof that you can deliver on the promise. You create value. You keep promising and selling hope, not just to your customer but also to your team; hope that they'll accomplish something meaningful.

Finally, the product has matured. It’s at the top of the S-curve. Market share starts to shrink. New entrants challenge your position. It is time to promise another hope.

It just never stops.

If you can give hope to someone, you’re doing your job, and you’ll keep it forever.


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