Strategic Narrative Underground Session 2

Yesterday, during the second session of Strategic Narrative Underground, we focused on the first chapter of my book, the Narrative pattern.

Talking points about the first pattern - narrative:

  • To illustrate the characteristics of a strategic narrative, I used two stories about which I previously wrote: Nordstrom and Dick Fosbury. Those examples helped us explore the difference between stories and narratives and draw the following insights.
  • Narratives make people do incredible things.
  • They drive the growth of economies and industries.
  • Their biggest potential lies in the fact that they call people to action. That's how they differ from stories, which live in the past. These are close-ended. They happened already.
  • Narratives are open. There is a beginning, there's a middle, and it's up to you to create the end.
  • When you innovate, you introduce a new narrative. But your success is not guaranteed. You're going to face criticism.

Sketching the concept

To help you get clearer on the idea of narrative, I sketched out what the difference between story and narrative looks like.

  • To explain what a strategic narrative does, I used the metaphor of a window that opens towards something different and hopefully better.
  • A strategic narrative helps you invite people to a new adventure.
  • When you’re creating a new strategic narrative, you want to make sure that people can replicate the new approach or method you’re proposing.
  • Also, a continuum that could help you position your business more consciously and decide if you’re trying to imitate, in which case, you’re probably after something like optimization. Or, are you trying to create a new narrative actually to transform the way we do something?
  • Companies or programs that have changed the narrative in their industry include Airbnb, BlaBlaCar, Blue Apron, The Moon Shot Apollo Program, and Via.
  • But, like everything, what was new one day becomes old. After someone constructs a new narrative, people try to imitate and optimize it. So, that narrative starts to slide towards optimization rather than transformation.

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