Principles: Strategic Narrative Underground Session 9

How do you build a company that people want to buy from and work with?

These days, great products alone are not enough. Just look at how people interact with big brands, small businesses or even non-profits. We expect something more powerful than a simple transaction.

We want inspiration.

We want to live in connection with companies that give a voice to our values and invite us to participate in the change that we feel excited about. We also want to work with teams, bosses, and colleagues that get us going.

This isn’t new, but it’s more important than ever, especially for certain people.

Here is the thing: everyone can and should think, talk, and act like a leader, especially people who were given the privilege of a leadership position.

Knowing how to build strategic narratives helps you do that.

Six principles

In the last Strategic Narrative Underground Session, I presented six principles to help you build the foundation of an inspiring company:

  1. We seek to grow our impact before we seek to grow our business.
  2. We advertise our beliefs before our product.
  3. We explore our personal experiences.
  4. We co-create.
  5. We challenge the wisdom that others accept as truth.
  6. We take ownership in building our strategic narrative.

Watch the replay of this talk here on Youtube.

Join the next session this Thursday. It is free, and it will inspire you.

I am inviting you every Thursday at 9:00 am Pacific to attend a free 30-minute talk+conversation about one of the strategic narrative principles in the book I am writing. I call these meetings Strategic Narrative Underground Sessions.

It is an opportunity to connect, learn and provide input on a piece of work that you might end up using for your own benefit. For me, it’s a chance to test new ideas.

At the end of the call, you will get access to the Google document with the manuscript of my book. Each time you join, you get access to a new pattern. You can join for free as many times as you want.

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